There are a total of 5 paintings in this series which are the first of my own creative works made available to you at an affordable price. These are the prints of the original paintings. They are unsigned Art prints with the exception of the first painting titled “Woman on Top”. I can sign the front of any of the Art prints in the left or right-hand corner, let me know if you would like that prior to my sending it.




















Self-Love is a Sensible Option


Self-Love is a Sensible Option


I identify myself as many things but for the purpose of this article and in order to be as transparent and succinct in my communication with a key concept as much as I can be, I identify strongly as a self-love enthusiast/advocate.

This means that I prefer to love myself and be kind to myself more than I will allow other people to act towards me in ways which do not demonstrate that they care, are kind and/or love me.

I wrote this article to further build upon and explore an enormously vast and infinite topic, that of love, with an emphasis on the self.

Self-love is simply defined as having regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.

Looking after our own well-being and our own happiness is paramount. If nothing else, it is worth stating that it is mandatory for our own survival.

Caring about our own well-being and happiness might include looking after our health, drinking plenty of water, eating nutritious food, we all know what that is; fruit and vegetables, nuts, legumes, chicken, fish, red meats on occasion and/or whatever the vegetarian equivalent to all that is. Processed food is not ideal but has become such a culturally integrated part of the Western diet it can be very challenging to avoid altogether.

I am not able to comfortably attest to and swear that I adhere to nutritious eating in a strict fundamentalist sense, but I am at peace with myself. I write this article with considerable comfort and feel my entire being at one with the universe. “As long as I have awareness I am evolved,” is my mantra for today.

Self-love incorporates and is married to self-care.

Having a roof over our heads and managing our finances as best as we can, so that we do have a roof over our heads and can buy our Corona’s, diamonds, Lamborghini’s, medicine, food, gym memberships, Alexander Technique classes, tattoos, colonic irrigation treatments, butt lifts, boob enhancers, Japanese latex sex dolls, and anything else that our hearts and whatever is in our boxers or panties desires, all of that, can demonstrate self-care.

Self-care is honouring ourselves and ensuring that other people, even those we love, understand what kind of things we like, don’t like, and how it is we would like to be treated.

The entire point of this activity, engaging with others through discussion, is that by communicating what we like to others, we are not accusing them of being monsters, or cold bitches and bastards who have no hearts or are narcissists, we are merely clarifying what our preference is; what it is that most appeals to us or turns us on. We don’t all like the same things and that is worth thinking about whenever we make an assumption about other people.

It can sometimes be very difficult to communicate in a lovely manner what does not turn us on, especially when it is happening on the spot.

Sometimes we can communicate those expectations we have or things we desire or want more of in a manner which is not gentle, sensitive to others feelings, or soothing enough to people’s eyes, ears, throats and whatever other orifice we are appealing to. Perhaps we are even communicating that we do not want to investigate or appeal to anyone’s orifice or perhaps we might be communicating that we do or we think we might! The plot thickens.

Misunderstandings or miscommunications can oftentimes happen when we have not previously disclosed that we don’t like something or that we do like something. It can be that it didn’t even matter at a particular time then but it matters to us now.

One example I will give that is perhaps more prevalent and common in our hook-up culture can be found in the ‘booty call’ situation.

Some of us might have engaged in one of these contemporary dances, otherwise also known to many as no-strings attached sexy dalliances, and found we were happy with the arrangement as a one-off experience. Maybe we were not happy with it as a one-off experience or even started the mission but aborted it for whatever reason.

Maybe we could have loved the experience but the other person did not want to commit to an on-going arrangement.

We might think it necessary to find someone else to meet our needs. It is possible the previous original booty-call participant who was indisposed is now on board.

Human interactions are not without tension and imperfections, not if those interactions are real.  As ‘they’ say, truth can oftentimes be stranger than fiction.

Life is not like a box of chocolates because we already know what is in the box as we can read the ingredients and from that, as well as a picture and a description of the flavour, we can pretty much figure out what to expect. We might not like some flavours and can choose others instead but we know what is in those box of chocolates to begin with.

When dealing with people, we are not dealing with mass produced products or goods because people are not chocolates.

For instance, we cannot always rely upon what people say or communicate to us. Not always. Communication can be incomplete or too general or perhaps it may even be too specific to our liking.

Sometimes we ourselves do not communicate as brilliantly as we should so how can we expect others too?

The short answer to that question is that we cannot.

Self-love is therefore a critical process which also involves self-reflection and self-reflection involves communicating with ourselves.

We can all investigate and get in touch with what it is we want and what it is we don’t want.

This process can then, in turn, inform us about who we really are and what we would be willing and not willing to do for others without infringing on ourselves. 

It is then just merely a matter of communicating those reflections of what we consider to be acts or gestures or expressions of self-love, what it is that turns us on, to others, who can give us, if they so choose, extra lashings of whatever it is that rocks or floats our boat.

In closing, we can be better at giving love to others when we are willing to self-reflect and by self-reflecting, we are deepening our own awareness of ourselves which is an act of self-love. When we know what we like and don’t like, we can communicate those findings to others and potentially be able to give and receive love with greater purpose and clarity.


Natasha Stone

An Orgy of Love, Death, God and Madness


An Orgy of Love, Death, God and Madness


Since my mother died, I have come to the realization that grief very much feels like madness. Another manifestation of awareness that has come into being is that love is madness. Love does feel like madness. Both madness and love join death in an orgy of mayhem.

This dialogue of orgies brings God into the equation because, not only is God such a delicious topic, but don’t we all have an appetite for delicious things?

God and love is one and the same. Since love is madness then God must be insane as well.

Atheists don’t rejoice just yet, because science cannot explain or solve everything. One “fact” I present here is that no science or discovery would exist at all if people could not believe in the impossible, the unseen, and the unproven.

If one could not believe in the extraordinary truth behind the manifestation of thoughts, ideas or beliefs, there would be no creations. The evidence is simply everywhere.

The concept of God fits very well into what is impossible and, what we know as insanity.

God is whatever you wish God to be; I am merely presenting my own concept of one God that encompasses all things. I admit that for me, my concept of God is very much God in a monotheistic context, and within a Christian perspective.

God is evidenced in writing. Whether one believes in the Bible or not is not something I am concerned with now, I am purely presenting my perspective.

Having said that, to me, the foundational principle, the paramount message in the sacred text of the Bible is in one commandment.

The command of this omnipotent being, of God, is a very simple one; “love one another”. John 13:34-35, The Bible.

I suppose the 10 commandants were too much for us humans to absorb and/or remember and/or agree about. So a new commandant was given that makes it all so very clear;

“Love one another”

How can intelligent people believe in God? Well for me, God is perfect love.

I am taking on some very massive subjects I realize this. One question has vexed and teased me intolerably;

“If God does exist, (and l ask you to stretch your imagination, play along and pretend that an omnipotent and all creating being exists) then why didn’t he (or whatever God is to you) just make everything perfect?”

The answer that is given, in the good book; the Bible, is that God actually did make everything perfect. God created and provided a perfect planet and he created and provided for perfect beings.

But we know who screwed it up, don’t we?

Humans – see Genesis in the Bible, it is a marvelous read that seeks to explain how we are the way we are.

God, this creator, gave us the freedom to make choices and even if one didn’t believe in God, it is our choices that determine much of our life.

I will close this article by sharing an experience that happened today, and I hope it brings all I have discussed in the article to a satisfactory climax;

Today I saw a pashmina scarf, one identical to the beautiful olive one my mother gave me. It was draped on a ladies shoulder. I saw it and I had the memory of my mother giving me the scarf. I started to cry. I sat myself down on a chair sobbing as discreetly as one can sob in public in a shopping centre. An adult mother and daughter approached me to ask me if I was ok. I wanted to howl.

Sometime later, something shifted inside of me. I began to blame God, very much, as if I was a powerless being or a puppet on a string. And so I raged while weeping and in my angry grieving heart I asked God,

“Why did you have to take my mother away from me?” I felt so justified in my anger and so gave God more of my venom, the bastard deserved it. I threw this at God, about his bastardly ways, “Why do you allow us to suffer? If you are so great, why don’t you do something?”

I couldn’t listen to anything God would have said if he was standing right in front of me, I didn’t want to listen, wasn’t interested at all, I wanted to let God have it, and have it hard.

Later, exhausted, I did listen. I heard every word that was said and I absorbed it.

I had all these chances to spend time with my mother and join her on these little mother – daughter shopping sojourns she loved. I could have called her more, I could have listened to things I did not want to hear, for her sake, not for mine, and yet the two, as I discovered, are not in isolation.

“Love one another.”

Every time I want to call her now, I know that I cannot. I am reminded that I could have. I could have, but I didn’t.

I had squandered many opportunities freely given to do so. It was a series of choices I made consciously. I had, and have, no one else to blame outside of myself.

It wasn’t God who did that, it was me. 


Natasha Stone




It is with tremendous pleasure that I can now officiate the transition of PIZAZZ NEWS from an on-line newsletter into a tenaciously redesigned news publication. This site is exclusively devoted to all the objectives and principles which underpin PIZAZZ NEWS.

PIZAZZ NEWS is the only global news publication which strategically and unapologetically aims to infect the globe with the Positive Thinking virus. Indeed, this is truly the climatic theme and represented narrative of my work and collaborations. It is a bias I am happily and unashamedly boasting.




“I have started this project with one goal in mind and that is to increase, support, and spread Positive Thinking. Like a virus – a happy virus. So you have been warned! Anything else, like rubbishing positivity or ‘success shaming’ is completely unproductive and counter intuitive to what I am pursuing. It doesn’t serve me or anyone else to endlessly wallow in my self-pity or spread my negative vibes – and guess what? The same applies to you!!!” Vol 1, Issue 1, Pizazz News 21 May 2017.


As you can reasonably deduce, PIZAZZ NEWS does not encourage or promote beliefs which limit the capacity of the human spirit to flourish and succeed. Adversity is something we overcome and that includes taking genuine steps to find peace with the things that we  identify as our personal or shared burdens. Wherever there is universal suffering or injustices, systematic abuses or fabricated myths of equality, including blindness to bias, PIZAZZ NEWS seeks to agitate and advocate for improvement.

PIZAZZ NEWS supports accelerated personal and career growth, universal co-operation, and commitment to goals. PIZAZZ NEWS supports people who write their own stories and salutes those who are committed to re-writing the stories they were given. Most of us were and continue to be told stories by others about us which are not always accurate or fair or they limit or reduce us in some way. PIZAZZ NEWS is about re-writing stories, broadening visions, and choosing goals which serve us.

It is about the freedom to make decisions for ourselves independent to others, without infringing on the dignity or rights of others. We trust ourselves and we take responsibility for our own actions. We can identify those who hurt us but we take steps to protect ourselves and trust in our ability to heal and get stronger. We get better every day. We ask strategic and reflective questions like, “What is next?” and we seek to move on and progress in our lives.

We try to avoid judging others through the scope of a lens tinged with anger, malice, envy or ugly things like jealousy because those thoughts limit our own capacity to create, produce and manifest meaningful changes to our lives. We think we are lucky and we practice gratitude. We use gratitude as a motivator to channel our emotions and direct our energies into efforts which are meaningful and beneficial to us.

I embrace participation so I invite you to write to me and discuss your  ideas, projects and collaborations which compliment any of the objectives of PIZAZZ NEWS.  I absolutely encourage you to post your own comments, share your reflections, and add other morsels of delights.

ENJOY the publication and thank-you for joining me in what I foresee as a life-changing journey for all of us.


Sending Everyone Positive Vibes,

Natasha Stone,