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“All Different” NEW Album

Release Date: May 1st on all Platforms



Chef Mal’s latest musical offering is an original song track titled, “Extroverted.” “Extroverted” has been produced through the label 5207 Records in February 2020 and is now accessible across all diversely inclusive reputable musical platforms.

C H E F   M A L


AMERICAN RAPPER born Malachai Hilt is publicly known as Chef Mal. The Chef hat, apron, and knives are not a fancy dress costume gimmick but real tools of the trade as he is an industrious Sous Chef.


Chef Mal’s Instagram account will delight and titillate those of us who are turned on by saucily clad and deliciously accessorized nude foods.

 !!Click on the Instagram logo to be connected with Chef Mal!!

I have salivated wondering what type of sauce he has splashed in-between the rainbow stacks of meat and veggies he presents to the universe. It makes sense to me that a person who knows how to represent a smorgasbord of food in a visually appetising context might also take those artistic culinary skills and hone them into other moist-like arts, such as the wonderful realm of music.



“Extroverted” is a digitally enhanced punchy track.

It is a song that needs to be introduced and understood as being on the tail-end spectrum of ‘saucy’.

I have an inkling that knowing this, Chef Mal’s music adheres to strict regulatory requirements and sports the universally familiar Parental Advisory warning logo.

Being sensible and not wanting to ruin the lives and innocence of so many good boys and girls, ladies and gents, and other pure, virginal, celestial, ecclesial and/or other enlightened high-brow, high-society, tea and scone devouring enthusiasts, I feel it must be simply stated that the Chef is a very naughty lyricist.

I assume dear Pizazz News reader you may be curious to know just how naughty Chef Mal is, so I have taken the liberty of incorporating his lyrics in entirety in this review, compliments of and to the Chef.

For those of us familiar with Chef Mal’s previous album titled, “Welcome To My Shadowbox,” fans will be pleased to know his new single, “Extroverted,” is lyrically riskier.

Rap is a genre notoriously vexing to many regulatory authorities because it just seems to subjectively breach all those prim and proper conservatives who frame community standards. 

WASPY mothers and fathers don’t want their sweet peas listening to rap for the simple reason that they fear their little ones will turn out to be dope smoking crack heads who participate in all night foolery with bad ass bitches and mother fucking hoes. 

Rap could fit in with the very enlightened perennial sunning sheeples among us.  If there is a Rapper who could appeal to Yoga devotees with sunny butt holes, it would be Chef Mal.

Rap has long been regarded as an explicitly expressive Art form and sometimes expressions that are explicit and direct can also be perceived as aggressive and inflexible.

And yet anger might be the correct “feel” to have for those of us who inhabit a world where we are too frightened to truthfully express our outrage at losing our political agency or just exacerbated with our dwindling  human rights under a neo-liberal, money worshiping, spiritually bereft system.


Anger could be a justified and necessary emotion to express if we were to remind ourselves that we live in a world run by the privileged few who make decisions that negatively impact so many.

 Rap is very concerned with the politics and struggles of power. 

Politics, sex, and food make interesting and messy bedfellows in “Extroverted.”

Case in point can be located in Chef Mal’s rhymes..


Fuck this senate,

get rid of the house

Impeach this president,

an piss on his spouse



 I’ll cum on yah back,

bitch I’m going savage


Ejaculatory/squirty participant(s) are adequately nourished with chips and guac well before they are depleted of essential vitamins and minerals necessary for their merry shenanigans.

Food is a recurring theme in the lyrics composed by Chef Mal and his song “Extroverted” is no exception.

Food brings people together and no matter what kind of savagery is hoped to occur later, food is the delightful experience in and of itself that can facilitate the gateway to earthly pleasure and satisfaction. 

Our interconnected global village celebrates food as the foreplay that leads into the behemoth savagery.

I think many of us have been or are like the “savage” that the Chef raps about. 

Savages that haven’t objected to happy, climatic, volcanic eruptions.

Perhaps that is why songs like “Extroverted” exist, to get the Chef to take the ‘rap’ for our own savagery which lies dormant.


Chef Mal

“Extroverted” Lyrics

East coast cold but I go where the beach go

Bitch I’m the chips I’m the guac and the pico

Flow so hot like I’m chewing on a shisto

Fucking up the rap like I entered up a cheat code

Lyrical miracle coming out cereal

You are inferior, i am imperial

Fearing on me cause my lyrics superior

Pissing me off got me breaking some mirrors

Today is a new day, tomorrow’s a new year

I put it third gear, I’m spiking my beer

I’m steering this bitch to a whole nother Tier

I just finished a tape but I’m standing right here

Where is my food oh it’s stuck in my beard

I’ve been clearing my plate for the end of the year

Am I making it clear as I’m slamming my fists

That I’m here to assert my dominance

Fuck y’all man, I’m never gonna breathe

I’m never gonna stop, I’m never gonna flee

Twenty-four hours I’ll murder your beat

With my lyrical stock of my euthanizing

Twenty-twenty vision, my Nike shoes laced

My Eyes on the prize, I’m coming first place

Welcome to a new day, I’m climbing the food chain

I’m gonna be awhile, so I brought my suitcase


I’m a lyrical miracle wearing ethereal

Coming out portals, while eating on Cheerios

Wearing some wings that I got off of Tyeral

Look at me now I’m so drowned in materials

Courage the cowardly dog and a Merrill

dripping so sick that I’m looking bacterial

going offensive has got me mercurial

I get you offended by all my verb-ials


(Wait for beat to hit)


Fuck this senate, get rid of the house

Impeach this president, an piss on his spouse

You thought you were safe well I’m fuckin down Tiffany

And showing her something that’s different from daddy

Yo make me the Caddy, I’ll chef up a fatty

We got to the shack an I’ll slap on yah patties

I’m coming with tacs to attack that clit

Ill cum on yah back, bitch I’m going savage

Ever since twenty one living for passion

Seven years later I picked up rapping

Yah jaws on the floor, you stepped back gasping

We doing some shit that you could not fathom

Phantom lanterns,

All bystanders

panda bandits

Share their banter

Stare blue steel

Like zoolander

Hit that fusion

Use my mana


The way that I’m rapping right now, dormant

Fuck your guns I play with swords and

I’m coming through your front door like a Mormon

You’re gonna need to call your reinforcements

The way that I’m rapping right now, saucy

It’s got me feeling way to cocky

Feeling so boss so bring your army

There’s no way you will disarm me

As I practice my lines, I can see my breath

My flow so cold that I’m trippin up death

Are you ready to rap, are you ready to flow

These sixteen bars were all broke down by fours

If you closing the door then I’m nailing it shut

Don’t come looking when you know I’m the clutch

Call me the zest, I’m spitting with zing

I’m Turning it up on my tongue a twisting

Si se puede, escucha me digo

Como se dice, oh a mijo

Chef Mal’s Music

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