It is with tremendous pleasure that I can now officiate the transition of PIZAZZ NEWS from an on-line newsletter into a tenaciously redesigned news publication. This site is exclusively devoted to all the objectives and principles which underpin PIZAZZ NEWS.

PIZAZZ NEWS is the only global news publication which strategically and unapologetically aims to infect the globe with the Positive Thinking virus. Indeed, this is truly the climatic theme and represented narrative of my work and collaborations. It is a bias I am happily and unashamedly boasting.




“I have started this project with one goal in mind and that is to increase, support, and spread Positive Thinking. Like a virus – a happy virus. So you have been warned! Anything else, like rubbishing positivity or ‘success shaming’ is completely unproductive and counter intuitive to what I am pursuing. It doesn’t serve me or anyone else to endlessly wallow in my self-pity or spread my negative vibes – and guess what? The same applies to you!!!” Vol 1, Issue 1, Pizazz News 21 May 2017.


As you can reasonably deduce, PIZAZZ NEWS does not encourage or promote beliefs which limit the capacity of the human spirit to flourish and succeed. Adversity is something we overcome and that includes taking genuine steps to find peace with the things that we  identify as our personal or shared burdens. Wherever there is universal suffering or injustices, systematic abuses or fabricated myths of equality, including blindness to bias, PIZAZZ NEWS seeks to agitate and advocate for improvement.

PIZAZZ NEWS supports accelerated personal and career growth, universal co-operation, and commitment to goals. PIZAZZ NEWS supports people who write their own stories and salutes those who are committed to re-writing the stories they were given. Most of us were and continue to be told stories by others about us which are not always accurate or fair or they limit or reduce us in some way. PIZAZZ NEWS is about re-writing stories, broadening visions, and choosing goals which serve us.

It is about the freedom to make decisions for ourselves independent to others, without infringing on the dignity or rights of others. We trust ourselves and we take responsibility for our own actions. We can identify those who hurt us but we take steps to protect ourselves and trust in our ability to heal and get stronger. We get better every day. We ask strategic and reflective questions like, “What is next?” and we seek to move on and progress in our lives.

We try to avoid judging others through the scope of a lens tinged with anger, malice, envy or ugly things like jealousy because those thoughts limit our own capacity to create, produce and manifest meaningful changes to our lives. We think we are lucky and we practice gratitude. We use gratitude as a motivator to channel our emotions and direct our energies into efforts which are meaningful and beneficial to us.

I embrace participation so I invite you to write to me and discuss your  ideas, projects and collaborations which compliment any of the objectives of PIZAZZ NEWS.  I absolutely encourage you to post your own comments, share your reflections, and add other morsels of delights.

ENJOY the publication and thank-you for joining me in what I foresee as a life-changing journey for all of us.


Sending Everyone Positive Vibes,

Natasha Stone,

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  1. Positive thinking is 100% useful because it makes our life easily livable because to be positive helps people to believe more in themselves 🙂

    1. Sheree’P!! I think the WORLD of you!! Your first MUSIC VIDEO – BLEW MY MIND!! ASTONISHING VOICE and TALENT and I BELIEVE and SUPPORT YOU because you are such an AMAZING PERSON!!Anytime you need me you know where I am! 🙂

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