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Loriann Zuzak is the CEO of ZUZAK COSMETICS. As a successful entrepreneur operating in Canada, she started out in the cosmetic industry with barely enough to sustain herself and a basic repertoire of beauty instruments. What Loriann had in abundance then, and continues to cultivate daily, is her unencumbered conviction that she alone manifests her reality. There is a reason she has a thriving business and clients from every corner of the globe are choosing her above the competition. Loriann works sedulously. She is constantly evolving, adapting and flourishing.


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Loriann Zuzak takes us through to the origins of her working in the film industry and her travels to New York, (where we first met) and the motivations, and inspirations which led her to make the decision to form her own company in Canada Saskatchewan, ZUZAK Cosmetics.

Loriann discusses the concept of ‘Arriving’. To me, this is fascinating and progressive thinking. The idea of an ongoing process where, almost instantaneously, as one goal or destination is reached, another desire or goal emerges, is one I find very intriguing. It truly is never ending because that is what growth is. It is the essence of being alive. I see this as a necessary part of the human condition – constantly seeking to satisfy urges, needs and wants.

“I don’t think there is anyone who really arrives. It’s a false notion. You arrive when you are dead. You think at some point you’re going to hit the summit – the summit just moves further away when you reach a certain point.”

Loriann’s discussion included her interests and motivations towards self-mastery and self-improvement. These individual goals are consolidated and positioned highly as her dominant themes.

“I’m interested in constantly looking to master – whether it is in my own psychology, in the way I’m looking at the world, or my thought processes.”

Loriann presented some very persuasive arguments regarding her status as an Entrepreneur and in particular, as an independent and self-supporting business leader.

“You may think that entrepreneurs and business people or what you call capitalists of this world are the Boogeyman but they are not. There are aspects of great risk taking, bravery, courage, willingness to serve, innovation, spark, excitement – that is part of what it means to run your own business. And I am very proud to be able to say that.”

Loriann opened up about the ending of her marriage which happened quite recently, late last year. Her ‘wasband’, she calls him, and her good self, were successfully able to separate – without having to litigate. She used the term, ‘Conscious Uncoupling’ – a term which prior to her mentioning it, I had only ever read Gwyneth Paltrow’s interview about in a woman’s magazine.

“I was sick and tired of feeling angry at my family and feeling resentful and jealous and competitive with my husband’s success and I needed to create a new path which I worked on for a full year. I went at it because I was hell bent on creating a new experience. I call it my Phoneix year – I was 40 and I turned 41. I will look at it as a highlight that year. I credit the success of my separation with greatly in part with the work I did before that [with Life Coach Tonya Blakely] and the Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention Coaching.”


Inspirational Notable Influences
Loriann credits her learning in self-mastery and self-improvement to the following people; Dr John Demartini, Sue Bryce, Lesley Temple-Thurston , Tonya Blakely , Tony Robbins and Neil Kramer

Recommended Book
Loriann highly recommends Lesley Temple-Thurston’s book, “The Marriage of Sprit”, to anyone interested in learning more about Polarity Processing.

Loriann offers, in addition to cosmetic services, Life Coaching and Polarity Processing private sessions to anyone, anywhere in the world. She can arrange sessions over the phone with you, or in person, if you are keen on flying to Canada or are passing through.





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