Losing Our Mind to Come to Our Senses


Where did the past month, past year, past two years, past decade lead me?

It led me to this very moment!

In fact, the past month, the past year, the past two years, and past decade(s) were really all a series of cumulative moments.

During those various times while I was living those moments, allegedly my best life, I did not always truly consider the significance and power that each of those moments yielded.

One of the things I have come to learn is that moments are a gift from the universe, especially those moments that bring us to tears.

It is indeed precisely during those down times in our life; those moments where we were having a bad day, or maybe that time we sharted or farted in front of a nice, normal, unsuspecting happy family of four, at the local shops down the road, where all the workers recognized us, that we have now been gifted the opportunity to reflect on how we are feeling, why we are feeling the way we do, and whether we do or don’t want to do something about it.

Moments where we don’t always express positive feelings can give us an opportunity to know how much something or someone really matters to us.

We also learn about our triggers, and once we know what they are, they can heighten our awareness so that we can potentially live on to experience better moments, because our consciousness is elevated. Our understanding of who we are has grown and evolved.

It isn’t always our perfection or our dizzying state of euphoria that helps us to evolve, but all our ugly crying, foul language, and other vulgarities which inform us!

It’s easy to believe that moments don’t matter but sometimes moments have incredible significance to us because they create memories. For instance, we can remember how we were at a certain age and assume, given our ability to recall a previous memory, that someone of the same age will be identical to us.

No-one is identical to us! We are all unique individuals with commonalities and differences in varying degrees.

Sometimes we do things in a moment that we later in life regret, but even those moments we later regret in life have taught us something or, perhaps we are still learning what those moments mean to us NOW.

It happens to all of us, we are caught up in something negative or unappealing and must deal with it.

The biggest issue with negative or challenging moments is that they create more negativity because once energy is released into the universe, it becomes contagious.

However, all energy, even negative energy, is capable of transformation. A negative can change into a positive!

How does such a change occur we may ask?

Well, to simplify an answer, for any change to occur it requires our choices and choices are made in a moment.


To go into further detail, for a change to have a lasting effect it must become a choice we make repeatedly so that it becomes a habit. But for that to happen, we must genuinely desire positive changes. No-one and nothing can change unless different choices are made, and the change involved is something we only desire because we see the benefits to our happiness levels. It is something of a paradox that the actual process of change can feel unpleasant or uncomfortable before we experience the benefit. A bit like eating a salad instead of a block of chocolate!

We cannot manipulate or force anyone to do anything they themselves do not want to do. This is why things like forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do is ineffective in the long run, because it is dishonest and untrue to them. Knowing someone’s truth and how they filter or perceive the world leads to demystifying inaccurate assumptions.

There is no such thing as a perfect person and though we may not want to say that to ourselves, the ability to see our own flaws and recognize our weaknesses are what makes us humble and bearable to be around!

Arrogance and narcissistic traits in ourselves and others are unattractive qualities. There is a difference between being confident and delusional about how great we are!

Our greatness comes from our humanity, compassion, love, loyalty, forgiveness, and willingness to be of service. To make the world a better place, not unleash our evil on it and each other.

It’s not always easy to turn one energy, like negativity, into something positive, particularly when initially confronted with it. When confronted with negativity or unkindness, we become infected by it and spread it. Sometimes we don’t do it intentionally, we get possessed, or our shadow emerges feeding off that energy, or perhaps we have not found a constructive way to tame our less heavenly side.

Not everyone has perfect moments all the time and that is something HUMAN.

But, do you want to know what is even greater than a moment?


All of these topnotch attributes should be our priority and our priorities come down to what our level of self-awareness is.

Anyone can have a great moment or a crappy moment and everyone does, from time to time, express their shadow or less “appealing” side.

I’m not my best always, and sometimes it is not even on purpose! If you have ever “lost your shit” and regretted it, you may understand what I mean by our less “appealing” side.

Our energy affects each other. I am someone extremely mindful of this because I know that when I entertain negativity, I can get affected and, in turn, pass on that negativity to others.

I believe and know that I will not always have great days. I will not always be met with love, understanding and compassion. Having said that, I am equally aware that I will not always meet others with love, understanding, and compassion. I have not mastered the art of being perfect, I know I am not alone in this quest for Sainthood.

I will not always say the right things at the right times or have the right things said to me at the right time. And this awareness just allows me to have multiple perspectives about any given circumstance I have created or been a party too.

But I believe that everything that happens is leading me to greater awareness, and the greater my awareness is, the better off I am, because ignorance is not bliss, it’s ignorance!

A few years ago, I thought I would be happy if I just achieved this one thing and once I did achieve it I realized that what I had to sacrifice to attain it was just not worth it. I have been working on myself to correct myself so that I do not allow the past to live in my present.

This is where I believe we must try to be mindful of our priorities in life because those moments matter.

My ego, being what an ego is, intersects with other egos. Sometimes I must reflect on what is important and what I wish to prioritize because being right may cost me peace.

Being right can raise my blood pressure or put me in a sour and bitter mood. For me to be right another must be wrong but what if it isn’t the case at all but something which is insoluble?

We should always try and reflect on whether an injustice will occur if we choose peace or whether what we consider an injustice is nothing more than our ego doing what it does!

But at the same time, is my ego out of order or acting within reason? The plot, in this Writer’s head, thickens!

My ego, which is no different to any other ego, wants to convince me that everything I do, including the half thought out ideas or gases I emit from my orifice, is better and fresher than anyone else’s. We all need to have an ego that thinks well of us because if we didn’t, we would be insecure messes.

It is possible I have done things better than anyone else, like Pizazz News, (my ego in action as I write and you read) but then again, I have emitted gasses which I thought were not going to be detected and they ended up being silent but deadly, or quiet and violent. Comparison, as they say, can truly be the thief of joy.

My infantile shenanigans aside, if we truly understood the significance of moments, we would be living our lives with much deeper purpose than what we are or could be right now.

Having said that, meaningful connections help us enrich our moments, which fulfill our greater purpose.

Purpose gives us better moments. We will never feel happy if we look for happiness in disconnected experiences or if our happiness depends on someone else’s suffering. If the price of winning a point is someone else’s suffering or my own, it is not going to enrich my life in any meaningful way.

Connecting with others in meaningful ways can sometimes be challenging when we are stressed, tired, unwell, or upset. The energy we exchange with others during those times can be fraught with tension as I don’t think feeling stressed out, unwell, or tired fall in the “positive vibes” spectrum.

In a perfect and ideal world, everything in our life will be free from stress. We would not have a chaotic kitchen, we would not have high blood pressure, broken nails, missing socks, be running late due to forces outside our control, terminal illnesses, bad shows on our streaming service or experience great shows that ended on bad notes or worse, on a cliff hanger!

It only took losing my mind to come to my senses. Thanks for reading.

Your Favourite Non-Fiction Writer,

Natasha Stone


Please note, I am not a therapist or a Life-Coach and everything I write and share is pretty much the rantings and ravings of a disturbed woman.