Love Is Easy




Love Is Easy


If people believe love is easy, they will support the belief that it is easy, if that is the genuine and honest belief that they hold.

When people are given the freedom to have their own ideas about what something is or isn’t to them, they can commit to a belief that they support because it is their own honest belief.

This is not to say that love is always easy. If it were always easy no one would ever know the disappointment and pain of a wounded heart. It is not just romantic love that causes a broken heart. It can be the loss of a mother, a child, an animal, a home, many things can hurt our hearts.

Love is easy when people believe it is easy. There are some people who believe it is not easy at all and I can understand that too and it is also true. But if I gave my thoughtful consideration and power to the belief that love isn’t easy I’d be writing an article titled, “Love is Not Easy.”

My choice to write this article is just one example of how people can strengthen their beliefs, by giving it their power, by doing more of it, whatever it is.

Love is powerful. When people choose to give love power, then it becomes contagious and spreads. Love can extinguish hate and it can heal us. Love is real magic not fake magic.

The same applies to other energies. If we choose to give our energy to hate then hate is the manifestation of our effort. Our hate can ignite hate in others. Our disinterest or apathy can ignite disinterest or apathy in others. It is just energy we project.

Love can go from sweet to sour and back to sweet again. It is  just the manifestation of someone giving their power to make love sweet or sour. People can ignite sweet flavours and sour flavours in others. This is why I believe that love is easy and it is just a matter of choice of people giving love power or not. Love begets love and hate begets hate. It is not a game or an illusion, just what organically happens when we choose to put a particular energy out into the universe. Love is easy, if we choose it.

Natasha Stone