Where’s that Fidget Spinner Brah?

“Where’s that Fidget Spinner Brah?”


Cat: I have found it nearly impossible to even get into a store at a shopping mall without having some fucker harass me to buy something else on my way to the store. They are usually selling some shitty product like Dead Sea salt scrub or crappy coloured paper to make origami out of for an overly inflated price. Fuck no – I am not paying $20 for a sheet of paper when I can buy a roll for $2. Don’t get me wrong, I will stop for a fidget spinner, and I will stop if a person has a genuine smile, a product I actually want and if someone isn’t eagerly walking towards me like they are crack addicts and I am their dealer. But you better move the hell out of my way when I am focused on shopping – you need to step aside dipshit. What are your thoughts Bex?


Bex: Oh yeah, if I hear them say, “Can I ask you a question?”,  I just look the other way and walk really fast past them. I don’t know how they get away with it, it’s harassment. Sorry but, FUCK OFF and leave me the hell alone. Today I saw lots of those Dead Sea scrub sachets in the car park, unopened, so not only are they wasting people’s time, they end up just being garbage.


Cat: I hate that,  “Can I ask you a question?”, “How are you today – I love your dress” or whatever fake bullshit comment they feel they need to make. If they have employers telling them to this, they need to stop it. It is ridiculous. Honestly – they should be seated or make some space to allow customers to make the choice to look and to approach without harassing people. That’s my 5 cents.