What is This Book About?

This book is about loving ourselves and choosing to do what we consider to be in our own best interests.

* It is a book about letting go of people that drag us down and want to limit our growth and letting go of people who wish to control or manipulate us.

* We all affect each other, this is true. And just because we may think others are not affecting our energy doesn’t mean their insidious energy has no bearing on us. Rather, we need to be aware of the energy other people are giving us or, in some cases, not giving us, and what we can do about it.

“Natasha Stone takes us through her own beautiful journey. She teaches us how to overcome loss and embrace love. She reminds us the importance of originality and the power of positivity. It leaves the readers empowered to be themselves.”

Dr. Fahmi Farah Invasive Cardiologist, CEO & Medical Director Bentley Heart

“In her book, “Pizazz News” Natasha Stone reveals her perspectives and perceptions that she has gained through her amazing journey……It is a journey through the “slings and arrows” of her “outrageous fortune” that lead the reader to a new and improved understanding of the world in which they reside.”

Gary Ramsey, New York, 2020