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“I enjoyed the book, I liked the topics she discussed and felt she is someone who has led an interesting life.  Her book was easy to read and follow, I especially liked the communion story and the part about her mother which was personal to me as I actually knew her mother and knew what she went through at the time.  There are several photos in the book and I would recommend reading Pizazz News to anyone who wants to read about human nature and think about people and themselves.”
“I really liked it, great job Natasha, I read Pizazz News on Kindle and have ordered the paperback version.  I will take a photo of the book when it arrives in Melbourne.”


5 Stars –We only know something when we know it”

“This beautiful book written from the author’s perspective covers a variety of topics such as kindness, karma vs. retribution, and how easy love actually is. Natasha Stone writes about her own personal experiences and how she learned to stand outside of the box in order to overcome differences of others. I consider this book a self help, and self understanding, that can lead to your own empowerment, and the empowerment of others. The message that I perceived, is that although we cannot change people and how they react, we ALWAYS have the choice to self reflect, and decide if it’s worth the energy to keep people, religion, ideas, or avoidable situations in our lives.”

Melissa Simone, Author 

“Significance of Love, Sacrifice, and Secrets”

5 Stars – “A Bold and Personalized Examination of Positivity”

 “Touching on issues such as empathy, overcoming adversity, compassion, social justice, and letting go, the author provides a personal account of her own obstacles and mission to add positivity and brightness to the world through community and perseverance. This thought-provoking book is great for anyone interested in self-reflection, personal growth, and ideas on moving forward after a personal loss.”
Natalie Jones, Author of “Essence”



“No sugar coating, no blowing smoke up our asses and knickers.” 

It was my pleasure to discover your book Pizazz News. As a dedicated reader of children’s books I don’t get many chances to read great adults books and this was a great one. Pizazz News was given to us by a great woman Miss Sonia (Natasha’s mother), she brought into our world a woman with a sense of moral responsibility. A bold, take no prisoners, say it like you mean it with compassion and dedication to the truth and hard news.

t’s not always pleasant, there will always be envy.  And religion and gratitude and displays of ways to love is the only direction she’s heading in.

The writer takes us there, deals with the grief the regret, the know that there are no do overs in life.

This is who I am and like it our not, she’s gonna spread her love (her Mist) all over the world through her actions and her book no matter what. Miss Sonia’s picture (Natasha’s mother now deceased) is in the book and was chosen because she was at her happiest and she was a beautiful soul even as her gift to our world prepare her for her departure. Thank you Miss. Sonia for your Daughter Natasha Stone.

Thank you Natasha Stone for the helpful, deeply passionate bold book of life’s many themes and forms that we need right now.. you brought your A plus game and we are lucky to be in your (mist) to see you at work.. with the news we may not want to hear but need to hear.

No sugar coating, no blowing smoke up our asses and knickers. I am in the “reward good behavior business” after reading 400 children’s books in 6 months so I know a good seed when I find one.

Pizazz News is a (good seed) one that needs to be spread far and wide, all over this new world we live in. You’re a find, a bold, stand out with morals and standards of steel. Thank you for the read and keep spreading your mist, I hope everyone gets to feel it the way I did..

Pizazz News is good news worth sharing.

I remain: Debbie Reynolds Creator of B.O.R.E.D with Miss. Reynolds

“Pizazz News offers us an inside glimpse of various segments and moments of Natasha Stone’s life. She reveals her skill at navigating through the many twists and turns of her life as she confronts dark shadows along the way. She not only tells us about where she falls and hurts but where she painlessly rises. Practically whatever page you open to takes you to something of interest and intrigue.

As Natasha slowly tears away the facade of her former beliefs and concepts, she arrives to a new and improved perception of her outlook on the world in which she resides. This book will always offer you something no matter where you are in your life or in what direction you may be going.”

“You won’t be sad that you purchased some Pizazz.” Gary Ramsey, Author: “Bliss: One Hero’s Journey”



5 Stars – “An Excellent Read, You Won’t Be Disappointed.”

Reviewed in the United States on September 5, 2020

“1 is never enough, Sure I have mine on my Kindle, but that won’t work in a frame on my wall, so here’s number 2!”



5 Stars – “A brilliantly written, personal and insightful journey into the power of positivity.”

Sep 05, 2020 Hezekiah Morris rated it

It was amazing

Was a great and inspirational book. Especially the when the book relates to being different vs difficult and toxic insecurities. The book reminds me of some of the insecurities I have faced in life. It truly made me look at humans in a different life and how we deal with emotions. Do we base our life on instincts or emotions. I definitely love the setup and insights the author has to give and offer.
Great book.


Book Review: Pizazz News “Tash, your book was an interesting read, to say the least. I enjoyed reading it, but the chapter that resonated with me was chapter 20, about your Mother’s death and interment. The essence of you shone through the words to reveal a broken heart, and inconsolable grief. You wrote from your heart, and the depths of your feelings.  I was able to connect with you in that story. Congratulations on your achievement!” Gail Fulkerson, Author of “Everlasting”

“You are an awesome Author Natasha!”



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