Daniel Ares/La La Lopez

Stand-Up Comedian

Daniel Ares


“❤️Twisted Love Stories❤️”

September 22 2019

Daniel Ares is a serial cross-dresser who keeps a pair of Dick-Chucks and masking tape in the boot of his car. You can find Daniel behind/on top of Laz Rivero at the Grisly Pear.

❤️The enchanting vixen ‘La La Lopez’❤️

Q: I am loving your enchanting character “La La Lopez” who you have just introduced on your dating show “Love Vice”. Love her! Will we be seeing more of “La La” in 2019 or 2020?
A: Yes I hope so. She was a lot of fun to play and I think her potential for these skits is endless. I just have to get new clothes for her because she’s a lady with style! 

Q: Look at Laz as contestant number 2, he’s keen. Plumbers are becoming more and more in demand as we all have to take big shits on occasions. Did you and Laz have to fight over who gets to be a girl and put on pretty make-up? Who wrote this piece for Club Nueve Comedy?
A: Although it would be hilarious to see Laz in make up, he usually leaves that up to me. This skit really was improv out of thin air. It was a collaborative effort from me and him and it was a lot of fun to do. 
Laz in the middle dressed to impress.
Q:Showering with 75 year old men is inappropriate according to Rocky. Turning Mickey into a boxing coach molester-er is the only logical way that relationship could have gone. Would you develop these sketches further or does that defeat the purpose of sketches? 
A: We certainly do want to put more edgy content out there like the Rocky sketch. However I think that will be the end of that skit unless we can come up with a sequel.

Rocky Documentary “Defending Yourself At All Times.”


Q: What has been the creative highlight in 2019 thus far for you?
A: I would definitely say doing our sketches. Standup is my heart but having the opportunity to act,write and work with other great comics out there is a true blessing. Also to work with my Comedy partner Laz Rivero is one hell of a experience. The man is simply hilarious. 
Lazzy is a legend!

Q: Is Bob Sugarman making a come back in 2019 or 2020? 


A: Bob Sugarman is long due and we will definitely be bringing him back in the near future.
Q: Where have you been doing stand-up in 2019?
A: Anywhere and everywhere that will have me. I did take a little time off from stand up because I was enjoying the summer with my 3 beautiful daughters but now they’re back in school so now I’m back and will be performing at The Grisly Pear 🍐 on Sept 30th pm
Grisly Pear107 Macdougal St. New York, NY 10012 (212) 529-3808
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Thank ya muchly Daniel!! 
Thank-you Tash!!
Much Love and Many Blessings.